Thursday, April 2, 2009

OMG - They resurrected Kenny

Just a quick update on the 'Great War' following on from my previous post here.

I am keeping it brief as nothing particularly exciting has happened. KenZoku (aided and abetted by Against all Authorities and various other alliances) have continued to make progress in 49-U in Querious, with Goonswarm and allies apparently suffering a huge post celebratory hangover which seems to have dented activity/participation. Some are also blaming the introduction of wormholes which have disproportionately appealed to Goon members who apparently like 'shiney' things! Not quite sure I believe that one to be honest!

The 49-U system is expected to switch to -A-/KenZoku control imminently (it is often hard to predict when sovereignty changes as EVE's POS warfare mechanic is so complicated) and there have been reports that POSes in other Querious systems owned by Razor (a member of the Goon friendly Northern Coalition) have also been hit by -A-/KenZoku forces.

In comparision to the rapids changes of recent months this all seems like pretty small fish but it will nevertheless be encouraging news for enemies of 'The Swarm' and its allies!

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