Wednesday, April 1, 2009

EVE Online Political Update - Drone Regions

Well I kind of feel bad as I haven't posted in almost a week and events move quickly in the EVE Universe... I blame real life!

Anyway here is a cheap and cheerful update on recent events in the Drone Regions.

As mentioned here Intrepid Crossing (IRC), Ethereal Dawn (ED) and Foundati0n had decided to take a pot shot at the Goons long term ally - Red Alliance (RA).

Unfortunately, things started to go wrong for them pretty quickly as Goon sleeper spy proceeded to rob IRC blind!

This was then followed by several of neighbours in the drone region apparently weighing in on the Red Alliance side. Goons then opened negotiations with IRC (some say IRC opened negotiations with Goons) and apparently came to some kind of peace deal which ED was left out of.

According to Farham on the Scrapheap forums:

It seems IRC was in such a hurry to agree to whatever terms the GOONs set forth they didn't think some of them through. They agreed not to attack RA or its pets unless they were in IRC space. RA knowing this are hitting ED. ED is apparently not amused with their long time allies.

Interesting stuff!

This leaked 'internal memo' confirms that IRC were in talks with Goons and at least temporarily stopped 'offensive' fighting for fear of being overwhelmed by enemies.

However, the war has continued with Red Alliance making POS assaults in Ethereal Dawn space (so far unsuccessfully) which have in turn been reciprocated by IRC/ED POS assaults on Insmother (Red Alliance territory).

TBH I am not quite sure on Foundati0n's committment/involvement with all of this as they have (probably wisely) kept a low public profile and don't seem too involved on the killboards!

Will keep you all updated!