Friday, June 19, 2009

The Great War has endeth

Well I have been a bit slip shod with blog posts recently primarily because of real life responsibilities and commitments - but also to some extent because there wasn't actually that much exciting happening (at least publicly) at the 'macro' politics level in EVE recently...

However I did have to bring you one in important news flash and that is that


Yes apparently SirMolle, the KenZoku leader, has finally decided that their attempts to regain Sov in Querious were doomed and has signalled a withdrawal of KenZoku/BoB assets from their last remaining foothold 49-UGC.

This has prompted much speculation about the future of KenZoku and where they will go now they have finally accepted the loss of their original homeland. No doubt there will be a period of 'regrouping' and 'rebuilding' in Empire space before KenZoku evolves once more.

Obviously Goons are jubilant and The Mittani has published two articles on Tentonhammer outlining Great War history from his perspective.

You can find those


And here:

I would love SirMolle or one of the other BoB/KenZoku leaders to do their own 'After Action Report' on the Great War - but not quite sure they are in the mood for that at the moment. Maybe that's why the victor always writes the history!

So now that the war has ended what happens next in the EVE galaxy. Well there are a lot of interesting questions.

Will the victors Goons/Pandemic Legion/Northern Coalition maintain their allegiance to each other? Where will KenZoku go next? What now for Against All Authorities?

Tune in for the next episode!

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you blogging again Hardin!

    I can only hope that the mega coalition finally does break up, 1/2 or close to 2/3 of the established 0.0 alliances permanently blue is not good for the long term future of the game. Be nothing worse that seeing them turn the blob on smaller alliance that have managed to gain footholds 0.0 blobbed out of the game. I suspect they will change standings but will never threaten or make attempt of take each others sov.

    In regards to bob reply I believe that will come with time, I have read mittens articles they are well written and a good read but as expected it is extreamly bias reporting.